Drinking Method


There are two main conflicting criteria that cannot be fulfilled for those buying the raw vegetable materials to prepare the soup:


The vitamins, folic acid and chlorophyll of white radish leaves will slowly drain away at temperature above 75 ℃, longer the cooking time more serious the loss of nutrients.


Radish, carrot, burdock, mushrooms are root vegetables rich in mineral content, they need cooking at a temperature more than 95 ℃ to release nutrients. Minerals withstand higher temperature cooking, and the longer cooking time the more will be released.

Preparing the soup from raw vegetable materials needs to cook for 1 ~ 2 hours to release sufficient minerals, while the folic acid and chlorophyll cannot be retained. By using the convenient “5veggies soup” packets the release of the minerals will be completed in a short time without losing any vitamins, folic acid or chlorophyll.


5veggies Soup undergone freeze dried treatment, all nutrients are maintained intact and readily to be released


“5veggies soup” is manufactured in full accordance with Dr. Tateishikazu’s formula and uses organic vegetables together with skin. Employs advanced “low-temperature freeze-drying method”, at minus 40 ℃, to dehydrate the vegetables so as to retain the vitamins, folic acid, chlorophyll, other nutrients and fresh taste.

Undergone the freeze dried process, the vegetable tissues release and dissolve the minerals more easily then the cooking time is greatly shortened. The production cost of the freeze dried method is much higher than other dehydration methods. The organic“5veggies soup” retain the natural flavor, no artificial additives such as preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners or seasonings.


low-temp freeze-drying device

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