Brown Rice Tea

Brew in hot water of above 95?
Water quantity: 1 packet 450-500 cc (ml)
Brew for 60 minutes, for those cold type physiques, brew for 60 -90 minutes or above
Consume the tea within the same day

Water quantity: 1 packet 600-800 cc (ml)
Put the tea bag together in cold water and bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmering for another 10 minutes.
Remove the packet(s) from the container, the tea is ready to serve

General users: a package for every five days, for those cold type physiques a package for every three days. The Saute Rice tea is weak alkaline in nature and is good to human body. It is alright if individual like to consume more quantity and frequently.
General patients:
1 packet each day. Especially for those with heart disease, diabetes and low blood pressure is highly recommended.
Cancer patients:
It depends on age and physical conditions.

Saute rice tea, a bake dried product, is a high oxygen and high-calorie drink
Separate the drinking of Saute rice tea and ?veggies Soup?by one hour
After dinner it is not suitable for drinking Saute rice tea
Diabetic patients avoid to consume high-protein food together with Saute rice tea as the sugar content will increase
Saute rice tea is not suitable for people with hot type physiques to drink, they can drink vegetable soup only

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