Directions for Soup Pack


Using a stainless steel vacuum cup, All other plastics, enamel, or aluminum containers for more read more about are not suitable.
Water quantity: 1 packet 450-500ml, 2 packets 600ml, 4 packets 800-1000ml, 8 packets 1000-1200ml water.
Brew in hot water of above 95? for 45 ~ 60 minutes.
For those cold type physiques: brewing in hot water for 60 -90 minutes or above.
In case of excessive temperature drop inside the cup, vegetable particles will contract and re-absorb the released minerals back to their fiber tissues and turn sour due to chemical reaction, therefore the brewing time should not more than 4 hours.
  Vegetable soup prepared to be consumed in the same day when empty stomach as far as possible.
The soup packet can be re-brew for the second time with half amount of water.

Use a stainless steel or glass container.
Water quantity: 1-2 packets 600-800ml, 4 packets 1200ml, 8 packets 1500ml of water.
Put in the soup bag together with the cold water, bring it to boil and reduce the heat and simmering for another 10~20 minutes. The soup is ready to serve.
Remove the packet(s) from the container, the soup to be consumed when empty stomach.

The 5veggies soup is characterized with weak alkaline, higher the concentration of the soup the better to the body.

General user :1~2 packets per day
General Patients:2~4 packets or more. Depending on the age and physical conditions of the patient.
Cancer patients:4~12 packets. Depending on the conditions of the patient. Better to drink a high concentrattion soup.
Patients taking the soup for the first time, the elderly, frail persons, lower blood pressure:It it recommended that the first 2~3 days with 1~2 packets a day, then increase the amount of packets thereafter depending on their physical conditions.
The 5 Veggies Soup is characterized with weak alkaline, higher the concentration of the soup the better to the body.
The remaining vegetable particles are edible, they can be used in fried eggs, mix with oatmeal, boiled rice, dumplings or blending with to from a green juice that can remove excess body fat and be a great help to relieve constipation.

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