Important Notes

Always use a heat resistant glassware or stainless steel container for boiling. The vegetable soup composition has very high dissolving power that can dissolve enamel or the non-stick chemical coating of aluminium wares like fluorothene fibres.

The soup packet should be taken out immediately after the preparation and the time of soaking or boiling should be adhered to as specified above.

Do not take the soup together with other drinks, especially high protein substance. Taking the Saute Rice Tea in an interval of half an hour will enhance the effect of the vegetable soup.
Observe an interval of one hour after taking Chinese medicine, and an interval of two hours after taking Western medicine.

Try to finish the soup in four hours. As the vegetables are organic with no additives, the soup and its residue turns bad easily when soaked for too long.
Acute kidney disease patients should pay attention to their fluid discharge capacity and adjust the quantity of soup taken.

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