After taking it for a few days, this soup prepared from only five kinds of vegetables will have different effects on individuals, but these reactions are much milder than actual physical disorders and are only temporary. The formula is basically working on our different internal mal-functions and toxins, some we may not even be aware of, and those with more problems will have more instant and longer reactions on the particular problem areas. These will be normal detoxification effects like itchy skin or eczema and increased frequency of bowel movements, etc. Varying with different toxins in different individuals, the following conditions may be felt.

More instant and intense reactions for those with more problems.
Reactions less noticeable and in stages for the less focused.
Seemingly no reactions for those who are in better health and with better adaptability.
More vigorous reactions for the weak and feeble.
***Whatever the reactions, it is recommended to continue normal consumption, and the reactions will ease out in a short period of time.

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