DIY Soup Preparation

16 ounces (454 gram)
Radish leaves
12 ounces (340 gram)
10 ounces (284 gram)
8 ounces (227 gram)
3-5 pieces (Mushrooms have to be sun-dried. If not, expose dried mushrooms to sun again for it to be transformed into Vitamin D)

Use fresh organically grown vegetables. Don’t peel the skin and chop the vegetables into small pieces.
Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water as the vegetables (3.9 litre).
When it comes to boil, put in all ingredients. When it boils again, reduce the heat and simmer for two hours.
Strain and drink as ordinary water intake.
Leftover soup can be used as soup base for noodles.
Vegetable soup or residue after soaking is excellent compost for house plants.

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