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The human body from the 60 trillion cells, each cell in each group works on its own accord. Only active and sound cells enable the organ to function properly and maintain a health body. There are four basic elements to maintain the best state osf health:

Balanced nutrition
Adequate sleep
Appropriate exercise
Keep happy

Due to many reasons, most people fail to meet the aforementioned four basic requirements. The modern diet to consume refined white rice, alcohol, meat, desserts and other acidic food weakening our life and alleviated as a result of air, water and food pollution; a large number of toxins such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, drug accumulation. People with little exercise, stress, and anxiety turn the body become acidic (normal body should be of weak alkaline), which adversely affect the health.

Acidic physiques will destroy the body’s “natural healing” (that is immunity; as the more active response enzyme, the stronger the immunity). Enzyme reacts slowly with acid physiques; the physical function of a body becomes numb and easily suffers from various diseases.

A modern man in healthily condition is less alert until falls ill. Facing with a growing number of diseases of civilization, the awareness of people looking for healthy and natural food gradually increased. The so-called “diet remedies,” and “medical food homology” becoming more important. In Chinese medical science point of view, cereals, meats, fruits, vegetables are positive foods, whereas herbs, insects, fishes are considered to be epinastic. Drugs used for illness are toxic substances and is the last resort that must not be used casually.

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