Diseases and Possible Causes

Diseases and possible causes
The symptom of disease
Causes of illness
a result of adverse detoxification, immune and lymphatic system weak.
High blood pressure, stroke
heart, liver, kidney and poor blood circulation.
Heart disease
spleen, liver and kidney debilitation, bad blood circulation.
pancreas, kidney failure, insulin secretion disorders, ill kidney metabolism.
Liver disease
fatigue due to long-term kidney and renal disorders.
over eating, excessive tension or anxiety long-term depressed.
Kidney disease
back pain, sexual impotence, liver, kidney, stomach metabolic disorders.
Eye diseases
liver, kidney failure, hot type physiques.
Tendon and bones pain
long-term damage, calcium secretion disorders.
uterine villi come off, uterine health deplete, reduction of sperm.
High uric acid
too much uric acid in the blood, kidney dysfunction, slow metabolism.
physical weakness, immune system malfunction.

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