The father and brother of a Japanese cytologist, Dr.Tateishi Kazu (1934-2001), died of cancer illness, callously, he also had cancer. Even though the stomach and duodenum were resected, the cancer cells spread to his lung. While struggling with cancer he focused on studies of herbal medicine with more than 1,500 different herbs and eventually he confined his scope of study on five ordinary vegetables. On the basis of “no side effect; enriching human’s health; preventing aging; enhancing immunity”, he carried out a huge amount of experiments on animal. Finally he formulated the “5veggies Soup” that can be used to improve human health and well being, even cure certain diseases which were declared hopeless by modern medicines, his findings shocked Japan. Painstakingly for over two decades, his outstanding achievements could not be imagined by the current medical science. The “5veggies Soup” not only saved Dr. Tateishi Kazu’s life, it also provided a cure to more than 25,000 desperate cancer patients. One of the patients saved from the hands of death was, Michio Watanabe, the Ex-vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party, he suffered from cancer illness and relied on a wheelchair for mobility. Detailed comprehensive results reported by the Japanese newspapers and magazines, indicated that the “5veggies Soup” could prevent aging; cancer; high blood pressure; diabetes; arteriosclerosis; gastric ulcer; constipation; allergies,; etc. Dr. Tateishi Kazu’s did not privately registered or patented his hard work of two decades studies and great contribution, on the contrary, he published the recipe, preparation directions openly to the public. The “5veggies Soup” provides the world the cheapest available and most environmentally friendly way to healthy and save lives!

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