5veggies Soup

Mr. Ng is the founder of “5veggies Soup” of different brand names in the market, and internationally renowned as a laureate of Inventor Geneva and Taiwan Invention Award and a number of patents. About ten years ago, Mr. Ng’s wife and sister-in-law have been suffering from cancer, Mr. Ng then joined the ranks of anti-cancer campaign. From a large number of dazzling information Mr. Ng learnt the development of the vegetable soup recipe, he then went to Japan to meet with Dr. Tateishi Kazu and got all the details of the vegetable soup. Eventually Mr. Ng finally established the famous “5veggies Soup” series. However, it was well known for many years that the acquisition of the right materials and preparation of vegetable soup were difficult and troublesome for individual. With a wish to stop the mishap of lost the loved one in another family, Mr. Ng endeavoured most of his time on research and finally developed the 5veggies Soup in the form of convenient packet that could be served by adding hot water. In order to promote the popularity of the vegetable soup, Mr. Ng resembled Dr. Tateishi Kazu refusing to commercially register or patent the 5veggies Soup and hope the soup would reach as many patients as far as it could be. This lofty behavior attracted admiration from people around the world. Mr. Ng has promoted the 5veggies Soup for more than 10 years, however, there are counterfeit products in the market, please identify the product of 5veggies Soup by Mr. Ng, the inventor of the global vegetable soup packets. 5veggies Soup also known as the 5-Elements Vegetable Soup, the Five Lines Vegetable Soup, the Five Elements soup, the Five Lines Health Vegetable Soup and other names.

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